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Thanks to an infinite range of possibilities, Bonino can turn dreams into reality by creating personalized, unique and exclusive items, designed together with the customer.


A dream and an encounter are enough ... to give life to a creation.


It can be a childhood dream, an unusual dream, the dream of an object that no longer exists, and the meeting with Bonino, ready to listen, dialogue and rework every desire.

He captures its essence and studies its perfect realization, enriching it with his long experience.


Gradually, the dream takes shape, it becomes a sketch, a project, a scale model. The expert selects the materials, develops the design, fine-tunes the prototype. Then, the time of realization comes.

This is how every bespoke, precious and unique object is born.


Bonino's “made-to-measure” objects ignore the schemes but not their intended use, without forgetting the creative power of the imagination. The dream thus becomes the magic of an instant, the joy of a whim, a life partner.


If you have a dream ...

and wish to fulfill it for yourself or for one of your loved ones,

share it with one of our experts.

Se hai un sogno…

e desideri esaudirlo per te stesso o per uno dei tuoi cari,

condividilo con un nostro esperto.

The Handlebars


- The world of fantasy is the world of the fulfillment of desire -

The Custom-made Work Bag


- The realization of a dream knows only one limit, that of the imagination -

The Giulietta Sprint suitcases


- Elegance and beauty are expressed in the perfection of details -

The crayon holder



- Luxury is a necessity that begins when the necessity ends -

The martini suitcases

- If you can dream it you can do it -

The Cat Keychains

- Everything you can imagine is real -

The Interior Of The Boat

- Individuality will always be one of the conditions of true elegance -

The Folders

- Luxury is not the opposite of poverty, but of vulgarity -

The deer

- Elegance is the balance between proportions, emotion and surprise -

The Frames

- Creativity is going beyond thinking -

The Clock Holder

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