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Naples since 1946



Naples, Via Cavallerizza a Chiaia, 1946


A small shop of refined bespoke items appears for the first time in the heart of Naples.


Nonna Rosa, guardian of the oldest Neapolitan manufacturing tradition, began here to create unique products intended to enrich the elegant and exclusive style of the high Neapolitan nobility.


Thus was born in the old shop of Chiaia a real school of high craftsmanship.


Leather goods are a passion that is passed on in the family, a real tradition.


Gaetano, the eleventh son, joins his extraordinary experience and tradition to international high fashion brands until the early 90s, where he decides not to pursue technological advancement and industrial production anymore, but to restore the old machines and teach the children the ancient artisan techniques of leather and leather processing.


An indissoluble bond knots the story of Vincenzo Bonino and the birth of his company where, starting from the love for craftsmanship and attention to detail, he transformed his passion into a profession and his creations into art, carrying on a production which still today is that of the "handmade" article.


Behind every creation there is a story.

Every seam, every edge and every grain of the leather speaks for itself.

There are the hands, the heart and the experience of those who love their work, a precious story that time has not revolutionized.


Refined leathers of calves, lambs and reptiles adorned with semiprecious stones and brass studs, the "knowing how to do with your hands", the result of experience handed down over the years, the availability and the human warmth transmitted, represent, then as now, the secret of brand and its products, which over time has become a style icon.

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