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He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist

Our workmanship is distinguished by the excellent craftsmanship of the artifacts, in fact, exclusive manual techniques of leather processing are performed in the laboratory, handed down over the years by the old masters. Every day it is possible to visit our laboratory to be fascinated by the experience and manual skills of the artisans. Sensations that each Bonino product, speaking of itself over time, manages to give. The same story is for the work tools, many have been out of production for years, and others, never produced, but always built by the same craftsman who uses them. Made of iron, copper, brass, steel, wood and bone, there are about three hundred tools that we use every day, each designed for a specific process.



The leather, dyed and dry, is rubbed with a smooth hard stone by an old machine.

The rubbing and pressure of the stone on the grain of the leather closes the pores and stretches the fibers, giving it a natural and lasting shine.



After making the pattern of the product, the leather is strictly cut by hand with a singular tool that takes the name of "hand", in order to select, for each piece, the best grain of the leather.



For the topstitching we use a natural linen yarn that is lubricated with beeswax to prevent the material from fraying and guarantee a more durable seam. For particular exclusive productions, the sewing is done strictly by hand.



A decoction of secret natural dyes and fixatives is dabbed evenly by hand on the grain of the skin.

The pores absorb the dye thus coloring the surface. This process enhances the natural grain of the leather while leaving the touch and softness unchanged.



It consists in finishing the visible edges of the leather parts with a covering dye (composed of wax, resin and natural dyes) which is spread on the edges and left to dry in the air, thus obtaining a perfect seal. Finally, with the use of rotating brushes, a smooth and uniform edge is obtained.



Once the design is created, the pattern is developed.

It is the project of the product to be made, the most complex phase. It calculates the stability, the center of gravity, the points of traction, those of wear and much more to then use it in all stages of processing, cutting, edges, assembly, application of metals, seams, up to ironing.

An excellent product comes from a perfect pattern.

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