Luxury is a necessity that begins when the need ends

All supplies of materials used by BONINO are meticulously controlled in compliance with the Italian legislation on slaughtering, as regulated by Legislative Decree no. 333 of 1 September 1998 implementing Directive 93/119 / EC on the protection of animals during slaughter or killing.


The leathers of certified origin are selected within the company and destined for careful production according to the most important quality standards.


The leather, from calves, lambs and goats coming exclusively from European farms, is tanned by Italian companies with European Quality Certification, in which the raw material is treated in full compliance with the strictest anti-pollution regulations.


From these companies, we select only top quality full-grain leather and leathers (the most precious part, the superficial one, where it is possible to observe the pores and veins of the leather), dyed in barrel with natural anilines.


Exotic leathers , such as crocodile, python, alligator, caiman, shark and ray respond to the need to produce exclusive and refined items.


Each leather is supplied with CITES, known as the Convention for the International Trade in Endangered Species, which imposes a whole series of regulations that monitor the purchase and regular sale of goods and artifacts made of exotic leather.

It is the presence of this document, certifying the origin, origin and license of the leather, that makes Bonino products synonymous with quality and transparency.




“Concia al vegetale”, caratteristica di unicità che la rende così immediatamente distinguibile.

La sua tempra è generalmente più rigida e compatta.

Nessuna pelle è uguale all’altra, assorbe le tracce del vissuto, invecchia... Ma non si rovina.




Dotato di una naturale pienezza, elastico e resistente, da liscio a Bottolato, presenta una “textura” piacevole al tatto.




Soffice e flessibile, riconoscibile dalla sua superficie liscia e setosa, che le conferisce un particolare “appeal” e aspetto raffinato.




Coccodrillo, pitone, squalo e razza, pellami pregiati di alta qualità, rispondono in maniera adeguata alle richieste dei clienti più esigenti e alla ricerca di articoli esclusivi.

SINCE 1946


Showroom : via Caserma di Cavalleria 49 - 80124 Naples - Italy

The Showroom is open to the public from Monday to Saturday , from 9:00 to 20:00 (all day).

E-mail : info@boninonapoli.it

Phone : 081 195 77 537
WhatsApp : 366 35 53 668

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