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Four tips to remember, to preserve your “Bonino” leather goods over time.


PROTECT IT : Whatever the type of leather, it is recommended not to overload bags or small leather goods. Avoid letting your leather goods come into contact with water, fatty substances, cosmetics and perfumes. In case of contact, it is recommended to gently dry the product by dabbing it with an absorbent, lint-free cloth. Protect items from light, heat and humidity in order to preserve their appearance and color for a long time. Further advice in boutiques.


KEEP IT : Leather items will require cleaning with a soft, dry cloth, without any use of maintenance products or detergents (waxes, waterproofing products). Massaging the skin with small circular motions can help reduce some superficial marks.

Articles made of fabric, fur or velvet should preferably be gently brushed with a soft brush. The metal parts do not require any specific maintenance.

The cover, specially designed to withstand the attacks of time, can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and a little soap and water (neutral soap without perfume or dyes). Further advice in boutiques.


STORE IT : Be careful to store the product in an upright position in its case, preferably fill it with tissue paper and wrap the shoulder straps or chains. Further advice in boutiques.


APPRECIATE IT : Appreciate the wonderful natural patina linked to the life of the product. Each day it will return a new aspect of its beauty, its history ... and the customer's story. Further advice in boutiques.

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