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  • Size :
    90 X 90 cm

    Material Features:

    - 100% silk.

    - Silkscreen printing.


    SKU: AA-205-90-BL-01-1
    • - A timeless accessory, a must-have in the female wardrobe.

      - A design with an irregular line that faithfully recreates the riggiole, handmade ceramic tiles, typical of the Neapolitan tradition. The brightly colored print elegantly interprets the dynamic style of the contemporary woman.

      - Can be worn around the neck, as a belt, sash or turban.

      - Hand stitched hem.

      - 100% silk satin weave.

      - Comes in a brown box wrapped in a cotton ribbon with the Bonino logo.

      - Design and Copyright BONINO®. All rights reserved.

      - Made in Italy. - Guaranteed 24 months.

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